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Decades of Change: Decades of Change

Books and Encyclopedias

A cart of print resources has been prepared to help you.

Start with...

Exploring American History Encyclopedia
World Book Encyclopedia, OR
• a "Biography" type of book (set)


• Look for a subject specific book from the cart of resources.


• Think of words/terms related to your topic and search those in the INDEX of a book.

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Research Tips

What forces combined to create political, territorial, economic and social changes in the US from 1790-1860?

1. Start with an encyclopedia to get a general overview. Then move to more detailed resources.

2. Research questions can be modified or changed as you go along.

3. Use the websites and databases listed on this pathfinder for information gathering, as well as images and other media.

4. Cite your sources (minimum of 3) using EasyBib.


Google Drive    EasyBib
Google Drive EasyBib

Online Encyclopedias & Databases

3 Different Levels (online encyclopedia)
American History Library (database)
All about People (database)