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Learn: Civil Rights Research

Tools Open NPS Google Drive Open NPS Schoology Open NoodleTools Open the Brown Destiny Catalog Click to open Sora.    

The Middle School Research Process

Explore Icon

Step 1: EXPLORE 

  • Explore interesting topics
  • Keep your mind open
  • Build background knowledge

Identify icon


  • Pause and ponder
  • Decide research topic
  • Identify inquiry questions

Gather icon

Step 3: GATHER

  • Gather important information
  • Go broad (search)
  • Go deep (read) 

Create icon

Step 4: CREATE

  • Integrate facts with prior knowledge
  • Create to communicate
  • Cite your sources

Share icon

Step 5: SHARE

  • Share your knowledge
  • Learn from each other          

Evaluate icon


  • Evaluate the achievement of learning goals
  • Reflect on content learned
  • Reflect on process 

Step 1: Explore

Explore a Civil Rights topic by watching a BrianPop video.

Step 2: Identify

With the help of your teacher, choose a topic and questions to address.

Step 3 - Gather - Form

Gather notes using the linked GoogleDoc.  Make a copy of the GoogleDoc and follow the steps to gather information.

Middle School Research Note-Taking Form

Step 4 - Create

Create a product to share your learning.

Cite your sources using NoodleTools. 

Step 3 - Gather - Sources