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The Middle School Research Process

Step 1: EXPLORE 

  • Explore interesting topics
  • Keep your mind open
  • Build background knowledge


  • Pause and ponder
  • Decide research topic
  • Identify inquiry questions

Step 3: GATHER

  • Gather important information
  • Go broad (search)
  • Go deep (read) 

Step 4: CREATE

  • Integrate facts with prior knowledge
  • Create to communicate
  • Cite your sources

Step 5: SHARE

  • Share your knowledge
  • Learn from each other          


  • Evaluate the achievement of learning goals
  • Reflect on content learned
  • Reflect on process 

What is research?

Terms to Know

A list of the sources you used for your research. (Synonyms: source list, references, works cited, citation page)

A formatted listing of an information source that tells who created it and when and where it was created. There are a variety of citation styles, and we use the MLA (Modern Language Association) stylebook. 

An organized collection of information (ex.: articles and images on a particular subject) that is used for research. 

A unique 13-digit number assigned to published book, audiobook, ebook, and DVD.  

Journal, magazine or newspaper

Presenting someone else's work as your own; copying.