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Use these websites and databases to find your next favorite book.  

Book Seer

Book Seer

Enter the title and author of a book you loved to find a similar title.


Use FictFact to find all the books in a series and their order.

Literature Map

Literature Map

The Literature-Map is part of Gnod, the Global Network of Discovery.
It is based on Gnooks, Gnod's literature recommendation system. The more people like an author and another author, the closer together these two authors will move on the Literature-Map.



NoveList is a database offered from the Minuteman Library Network and you need to sign in with your Newton Free Library card (or other MLN card).  With over 155,000 titles, you can browse by genre, author, and similar title to find your next great read.

TeachingBooks is a collection of materials aimed at helping reader to make connections, gain insights and understandings from authors, and ultimately enjoy reading.

What should I read next?

What Should I Read Next?

Enter a book or author you like, and the site will analyze a database of readers' similar suggestions.

YALSA Book Finder

YALSA Teen Book Finder

Search over 4,000 books and audiobooks from the Young Adult Library Services Association's (YALSA) book lists and awards.

Your Next Read

Your Next Read

Search for similar reads based on title, author, and genre.

Read Alike Flyers by Felicia Quesada Montville

Click on a book cover to see what Read-Alikes are suggested!


Open the read-alike page for The Lightning ThiefOpen the read-alike page for DivergentOpen the read-alike page for Alex RiderOpen the read-alike page for Diary of a Wimpy Kid Open the read-alike page for Just Listen

Open the read-alike page for HatchetOpen the read-alike page for Every Soul a StarOpen the read-alike page for Harry PotterOpen the read-alike page for A Series of Unfortunate Events

Open the read-alike page for The Hunger GamesOpen the read-alike page for The GiverOpen the read-alike page for TwilightOpen the read-alike page for The Outsiders