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Learn: Ancient Egypt Research

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Research Intro

Web Resources

List of Rulers in Egypt - The MET

Searching for a Specific Pharaoh (Hatshepsut, Ramses II, etc.) search

use databases (Britannica and In Context) (click on pharaohs and dynasties)

Laws and Legal System

Ancient Egyptian Law - AHE

Ancient Egyptian Government - AHE


Weapons in Egypt - AHE

Ancient Egyptian Royalty Wielded Serious Weapons - Live Science

Army and Soldiers

Egyptian Warfare - AHE

Egyptian Soldiers - PBS

Egyptian Warriors - DK Find Out

Ancient Egypt Warfare - The Ancient World

Greece in Egypt

basically for this you’re looking at rule from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra

good overview of greeks and romans in egypt (after persians):

Rome in Egypt

Roman Egypt - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Roman Egypt - The MET

Roman-Egyptian Mummy - The Getty (mummy of Herakleides)

What happened to the great Library at Alexandria? - AHE

Cleopatra and Mark Antony - AHE

Augustus - AHE

Alexandria Egypt - AHE (Go to Roman Alexandria)

Women Leaders

Unearthing Hatshepsut, Egypt's Most Powerful Female Pharaoh

Egyptian Lightbox- an interactive ebook on Egyptians 

Mr. Donn Egypt : Links to information in all aspects of ancient Egypt including daily life, religions, government, myths and more. 

DK Find Out- Ancient Egypt for Kids : Use the interactive map to navigate the site and find out information about "the most stable civilization in human history". 

Smithsonian Institute Ancient Egypt : Images of artifacts such as mummified animals, shrines, amulets, figurines, mummy masks

Ancient History Encyclopedia : The world's most- read history encyclopedia. Search by keywords, timelines, maps and more. 

Penn Museum Exhibitions : Find the civilization you are interested under the Exhibitions tab. 

Day Library Ancient Egypt Books : A list of the books on Ancient Egypt found in Day Library's collection. 

Ancient Egypt Online Learn about the important aspects of Ancient Egyptian history and culture by exploring this website.

The Ancient Egypt Site Explore the history, language and culture of Ancient Egypt in this website created by Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer.

BBC: Ancient Egypt Explore the wonders of Ancient Egypt by looking at this helpful website provided by the BBC.

PBS: Ancient Egypt Discover all aspects of Ancient Egypt by exploring this website provided by PBS.

Ancient Egypt -

Ancient Egypt - Khan Academy

Discovering Egypt

Usborne Quick Links for Ancient Egypt (numerous topics and website links)
History on the Net - Ancient Egyptians (house, food, clothing, hieroglyphs, mummification, numerals)

Daily Life General

BBC: Ancient Egyptians Daily Life: Health hazards + cures, careers for women, private lives of pyramid builders

Daily Life in Egypt - AHE

History on the Net - Ancient Egyptians (house, food, clothing, hieroglyphs, mummification, numerals)

Ancient Egyptian Culture - AHE

The Ancient Egypt Site Explore the history, language and culture of Ancient Egypt in this website created by Egyptologist Jacques Kinnaer.

Ancient Egypt for Kids This helpful website provides numerous links that are about Ancient Egypt’s geography, schools, games, and many more with a click away.


Article on Children from Mr. Donn


Food and Drink

Food - Canadian Museum

Food for the Afterlife - The British Museum


Cosmetics, Perfumes, and Hygiene in Egypt - AHE

Fashion and Dress in Ancient Egypt - AHE

Clothing and Adornment


How ancient Egyptian cosmetics influenced our beauty rituals

Egyptian Makeup

How Ancient Egypt Shaped Our Idea of Beauty

Ancient Egyptian Makeup Tutorial Video

Gender and sexuality

Women in Ancient Egypt - AHE

Women’s Roles

Women in Egypt - NewsELA

A Woman’s Afterlife - Gender Transformation (Brooklyn Museum)

From Warrior Women to Female Pharaohs: Careers for Women in Ancient Egypt - BBC

The Truth Behind Female Pharaohs and Their Power - National Geographic



Game of Senet - Museum of Science (Click view on the Wayback Machine)

Entertainment and Games

Sports and Entertainment  


Overview of Cats in the Ancient World- AHE

Cats in the Ancient World - AHE

Cats Rule in Ancient Egypt - National Geographic Kids

Archaeologists Discovered Dozens of cat Mummies - The Washington Post

Why the Ancient Egyptians Loved their Kitties -

Herodotus on Cats - Primary Source from AHE

Ancient Egypt Online- Cats in Ancient Egypt

Cats in Ancient Egypt Didn't Look the Way You'd Think- Forbes

Pets in Ancient Egypt

Pets in Ancient Egypt- AHE

Tomb Robbing

Tomb Robbers in Ancient Egypt - Ancient Egypt Online

Grave Goods in Egypt - AHE

Tomb Robbing - AHE

Modern Tomb Robbers

Space Archaeologists Show Spike in Looting at Egypt’s Ancient Sites - Live Science Ancient


Ancient Egypt Cities

Cities and Regions of Ancient Egypt

Remains of Egyptian City Unearthed - Live Science

Memphis, Ancient Egypt - AHE

Memphis - Britannica

Thebes - AHE‚Äč

Elephantine Island

Need more sites?
Fill out your name, topic and the question you are struggling to find more information about on this document and teachers will try to procure more helpful sites for you. 

Gods and Goddesses + Mythology

Egyptian Gods: The Complete List - AHE

Egypt Religion - AHE

Religion and Gods in Ancient Egypt - Australian Museum

Meet the Egyptian Gods - Rick Riordan

Gods and Goddesses - The British Museum

Egyptian Mythology - AHE

The Creation Myth - Canadian Museum of History

Anubis - AHE

10 Mythical Creatures

Apis- AHE

Apis- Encyclopaedia Brittanica

Bull Cults in Ancient Egypt-Ancient Egypt Online


The Underworld and Death in Egypt - Australian Museum

Afterlife and the Featherer of Truth - AHE

Book of the Dead - AHE

Book of the Dead - Britannica

Hunefer, Book of the Dead - Khan Academy

TedEd Video - The Egyptian Book of the Dead (4:30 mins)


Ba + Ka

The Soul in Ancient Egypt - AHE


Amulets - MET

The Egyptian Amulet - AHE

Egyptian Amulets


Ancient Egypt Science and Technology - Museum of Science (Info. about mummification and modern CT imaging of mummies) CLICK BLUE WAYBACK MACHINE BUTTON FOR ACCESS

Egyptian Mummification - Smithsonian Institute (Good info to read and lots of images of mummy masks)

Animal Mummies in Egypt - Australian Museum

Scientists Reveal Inside Story of Animal Mummies -

Virtual autopsy of natural mummy - Khan Academy


Egyptian Tombs - The MET

Tombs in Ancient Egypt - Australian Museum

Tomb Paintings from the tomb-chapel of Nebamun - Khan Academy

5 Great Mummy Discoveries - (Ramses II, Tut, Hatshepsut included)

Ramses II; The Mummy Who Had to Get a Passport



Egyptian magic - Rick Riordan

Ancient Egypt Magic - BBC

Magic in Egypt - AHE

Heka - AHE

Ancient Egyptian Magic Spell Deciphered - Live Science


The Ankh

Ankh, Egyptian Symbol of Life

Video: The Ankh, the Djed and other Ancient Egyptian Symbols and their Meanings

The Ankh

Royal Symbols

Libation Dish Presenting an Ankh Sign

The Ankh Symbol

General Art

Color in Ancient Egypt - AHE

A Brief History of Egyptian Art - AHE

Art in Ancient Egypt - Australian Museum

The Sculptor in Ancient Egypt - Australian Museum

The Painter in Ancient Egypt - Australian Museum

Artisans of Ancient Egypt - Australian Museum   

Egyptian Art - Khan Academy

Akhenaten and the Armana Period - BBC

Akhenaten and Armana Art - AHE



Encyclopedia Brittanica


Live Science

Egyptian Museum


Pyramid Construction - Smithsonian Institute (Good info and lots of images of pyramids)

Nova - Ancient Egypt (Interactive that explores the Great Pyramids of Giza, and Karnak and Luxor Temples)

The Private Lives of Pyramid Builders - BBC

Pyramids -

Pyramid - AHE

PBS: The Pyramids Learn all about the Pyramids by exploring this helpful website.

Step Pyramids

The Step Pyramid of Djoser

Stunning Photos Inside the Pyramid of Djoser

Egypt reopens its oldest pyramid after 14-year restoration

Old Kingdom Monuments: Step Pyramid

Luxor Temple


Sphinx -

Sphinx - AHE

The Great Sphinx of Giza - AHE

Uncovering Secrets of the Sphinx - Smithsonian

Music and Dancing

Music and dance in Ancient Egypt - AHE

Ancient Egyptian Music


Egyptian Sculpture

Materials and Techniques

Principles of Egyptian Art - scroll down to Statue section

The Art of Ancient Egypt Guide from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ever Wonder Why Egyptian Sculptures Are Missing Their Noses?


The Sculptor in Ancient Egypt - Australian Museum

The Painter in Ancient Egypt - Australian Museum

Artisans of Ancient Egypt - Australian Museum   

A Day in the Life of a Craftsman - PBS

An Artisan’s Tomb

Trade and Crafts

Online textbook chapter 9 - section on artisans

General Technology

Egypt Science and Technology - AHE

Egyptian Architecture - AHE

Inventions - Discovering Egypt

Inventions and Technology

Telling Time

Telling Time - MET

Egypt Calendar System - Britannica

Ancient Time Keeping - AHE

The Egyptian Calendar - Ancient Egypt Online

Math + Number System

Egyptian Mathematics - Discovering Egypt

The Egyptian Number System - Children’s Museum of Manchester

Rhind Mathematical Papyrus - BBC Podcast (can listen or read transcript)

Mathematics in Ancient Egypt - Britannica

Math’s Oldest Puzzles - NYT article

Ancient History Math Mystery - Penn Museum


Astronomy - Canadian Museum of History

Astronomy Can Help Us Understand How Egyptians Built the Pyramids - Independent

Astronomy - Eternal Egypt


Egyptian Medicine - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Egyptian Medical Texts - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Female Physicians in Egypt - Ancient History Encyclopedia

Health Hazards and Cures in Ancient Egypt - BBC


Boats and Transportation

Egyptian Boats - DK Find Out

Boats and Transportation

Egyptian Ships - Mariners’ Museum

Transportation - Canadian Museum of History




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