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F.A. Day Library: America and Newton in the 1850's

6 Step Research Process

Day Six Step Research Process

Research Tips

What is going on in Newton in the 1850's?

How does what is going on in Newton reflect larger events in the US? 

1. Begin with Step 1: Explore. Use the resources listed under Explore on the pathfinder below to get an overview of the 1800's in the United Stated. 

2. After you have a general overview of the 1800's Mr. Matthews will work with you on step 2 : Identify to choose your research topic and inquiry questions. 

3. Next, move on to Step 3: Gather. Use the resources listed under Gather on the pathfinder and begin looking at the resources available on your chosen topic. 

4. Use the notes page in the Google Drive Project Folder for your topic to record information you gather, as well as images and other media.

5. Cite your sources in the Google Drive Project Folders under the "Sources Used" document. 





Newton and Massachusetts History Links


A Young Citizen’s History of Newton

History of the Newton Schools

Newton Centennial Part 1

Newton Centennial Part 2

Newton Past & Present


Digital Newton :

Guide to resources from the Newton Free Library

Francis Jackson’s History of Newton

Samuel Smith’s History of Newton

King’s Handbook of Newton


Digital Commonwealth

Historic Newton

What Was There : Newton

Newton Historic Landmarks

Massachusetts Historical Commission  

database for information on historic properties and areas in MA, searchable by address.

Historic Maps of Newton

Newton City Directories

Back to 1859. List not only names & addresses, but also occupations, information about schools, ect.

West Newton 19th Century Architecture

Upper & Lower Falls 19th century architecture

Newtonville 19th century architecture

Information about Family Papers

Organization Records

Information about organizational records available at our archives

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