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F.A. Day Library: eBooks and Audiobooks

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Through the MLS Commonwealth eBook Collection, we have access to thousands of eBooks and audiobooks.


You can use OverDrive or Sora to access the collections on any connected device. OverDrive and Sora both work as browser-based applications and have Apple/Android compatible apps.


OverDrive Sora
OverDrive App Link Sora App Icon

1. Access OverDrive through a browser or download the OverDrive App.*

2. Select Newton Public Schools from the dropdown list.

3. Click the link on the next page to open the NPS Google Sign-In.

4. Login with your and password.

1. Access Sora through a browser or download the Sora App.

2. Click Find My School and select any school with the MLS Commonwealth eBook Collection heading.

3. Select Newton Public Schools from the dropdown list.

4. Click Sign in Using Newton Public Schools.

5. Login with your and password.



*If using the OverDrive App, use the following steps to enable signing in with your NPS login:


Android - OverDrive v3.7.4

1.     Go to Home menu > Settings.

2.     Enable the option "Sign in using web browser."

When this setting is turned on, users with newer versions of Chrome display the sign-in page in-app, while others (with old versions of Chrome or a different browser altogether) will be kicked out into their (external) web browser to sign in.


iOS - OverDrive v3.7.5

1.     Go to Home menu > Settings.

2.     Enable the option "Sign in with Safari."

When this setting is turned on, iOS 11 users will be prompted then the sign-in page will slide up, and iOS 10 (and older) users will kicked out into their (external) Safari browser for sign in and then brought back into the app.

Download the Destiny Discover app

Our library currently has a collection of about 40 audiobooks you can download

  1. Access Destiny Discover through a browser.
  2. Log in with your LASID and password.
  3. Browse the audiobook collection and check out any available title. Once you've checked it out, go to your Bookbag and listen to it there. 

Remember, your book will automatically disappear from your device after 3 weeks.

Create a free account and link it to the Minuteman Library Network and the Boston Public Library.

Newton Free Library (Minuteman)
For all Newton students

  1. Complete the online application form, then visit the library to pick up your card (you'll need to bring along a piece of mail or a parent to verify your address). 
  2. Go online to create a PIN number
  3. In the Overdrive app, click + Add a library and search for Newton Free Library. Sign in with your card number and PIN. 

Boston Public Library
For anyone with a Massachusetts address

  1. Go to the BPL site and click the button to Get or Renew Your eCard. Once you complete the online form and create a PIN number, they will email you a library card number.
  2. In the Overdrive app, click + Add a library and search for Boston Public Library. Sign in with your card number and PIN.

Borrow audiobooks, movies, or music with your Newton or Boston library cards

  1. To create an account, click Sign Up and search for your library (either Newton Free Library or Boston Public Library).
  2. Enter your email address and create a password, then enter your public library card number.
  3. Browse the collection and download an audiobook. 

Remember: Hoopla limits you to 10 downloads per month. The good news is that no title is ever checked out and unavailable. All books are available all the time!

F.A. Day Middle School Library
21 Minot Pl., Newton, MA 02460 / 617-559-9139