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F.A. Day Library: Africa Research Project

Africa Research Project

Library Dashboard

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Library Passwords

You can log in to most of our databases from home without a password. They use special geolocation links that will give you access from anywhere within the state of Massachusetts.

If you have trouble getting in, take a look at our passwords page in Google Docs. You'll need to be logged in to view it. 

Research Tip

What do you need to know about your country? 
(Hint: remember to LEAP!) 
Land (physical features)


A Regional Issue (What connects your country to its neighbors--natural resources, economy, politics?)

People (language, culture, religion, etc.)

Print Books


Country books are in the nonfiction section and are organized by continent. Here are their call numbers:

Europe (940s)
Asia (950s)
Africa (960s)
North America (970s)
South America (980s)
Australia & Oceania (990s)

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